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Why more businesses are using social networks

Social networks aren’t just for people who enjoy posting pictures of their food online, they are also proving increasingly useful in business environments.

In fact, the reason that social networks are being used more often in the workplace is two-fold: external marketing and internal communications.

The former will have been noticed by anyone who’s ever been greeted by an online ad or promoted tweet while browsing their Facebook or Twitter account. Social networks have a global reach unlike any other medium – Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users – and businesses are realising that they provide an effective way of spreading their brand message.

Furthermore, social networks offer genuine variety when it comes to businesses creating marketing content. They can create bespoke pages that are then followed by customers, advertised promotions, organise Q&A sessions or create video content. The ability to interact with consumers in a number of different ways means that they are much more likely to be engaged with the brand.

Internally, social media is also proving its usefulness to businesses. Collaboration is a key feature of the modern workplace and technology is providing the opportunity for this to occur on a much more regular basis.

Bespoke social networks aimed at the enterprise market like Yammer and Jive have sprung up in order to provide businesses with a new way of working. Through social media tools like these, employees can create virtual groups, share files and discuss projects simply and efficiently. They can also add external partners and clients to their private groups in order to facilitate a greater level of discussion.

In the modern world, communication is key to business success and social networks enable it to take place whether it’s with your customers or work colleagues.

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