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Age of the telecommuter: Skewing the boundaries of work and play

The traditional 9-5 working day of driving to an office, sitting in a cubicle for hours and then forgetting all about work at the end of the day is all but extinct.

Thanks to telecommuting and the rise of millennials on the workplace, employees are now able to work from pretty much anywhere at any time of day, with little or no disruption or sacrifice in productivity.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online MBA program has created the infographic below to take a closer look at the rise of telecommuting and how management styles are evolving as a result.

According to the report, 45 per cent of US employees work from home and 53 million people work as freelancers, contributing $715 billion (£464 billion) annually to the American economy. Of these freelancers, 40 per cent are independent contractors, 27 per cent are moonlighters, 18 per cent are diversified workers, 10 per cent are temporary workers and 5 per cent are freelance business owners.

But just which companies are hiring these remote workers? Well, Teletech comes out in first place and the likes of Amazon, IBM and SAP all feature in the top ten.

The infographic also offers advice on how to manage your virtual team, with tips for hiring freelancers - such as picking a dedicated freelance site and checking for positive reviews - and some of the top collaboration and communication packages on offer.

The full infographic can be found below.

NJIT Online