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Apple's shares drop two per cent after yesterday's event

Apple’s shares went down some two per cent following yesterday’s event which saw the unveiling of a couple of new products.

Yesterday Apple unveiled the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, as well as the new iPad Pro, Apple TV and a couple of new features for the Watch.

Cynics will say investors were not pleased with what Apple had to offer which is why shares slid 1.92 per cent to close at $110 (£71.5), however The Independent says investors tend to be cautious in the immediate aftermath of an Apple product launch.

“We believe that Apple has plenty of additional growth drivers which can propel earnings ahead of 2016 street estimates,” analysts at JPMorgan said in a note to investors.

Shares were trading around $111 in the run up to the launch, down on the previous day. Apple’s new iPhone features a reinforced casing to prevent any possible #Bendgate problems, and a new 3D Force Touch technology which allows the user to interact with the device in new ways.

The Apple TV product has been built from the ground up with the latest hardware and will feature Siri, the digital assistant, as well as apps for the TV.

"We view this next generation Apple TV as the tip of the iceberg," said David H Ives, analyst at FBR. Apple TV is a "core foundation" for the future of Apple content. The introduction of TV streaming services, expected in early 2016, will clear the path for a lucrative content business in the future, he said.