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Tinder adds Super Like, makes a super creepy promo video

Tinder has introduced a new feature and is promoting it with such a bizarre video that I have no doubt in my mind everyone will be talking about it for the next seven days.

The new feature is called Super Like, and it basically shows you’re super, super, super interested in someone. You get to use the feature once a day, and the other person will see a blue footer under the person who “Super Liked” them.

The video, promoting the new feature, shows a blonde girl getting harassed by a bunch of creepy, horny dudes in a diner – a typical American horror movie scene. But she uses the “Super Like” feature on Tinder and one of the waitresses turns into a superhero and unleashes violent fury on the dudes, throwing them out of windows and breaking a jukebox in the process. Poor jukebox.

In the end, she opens a portal and throws the Super Liked dude at the girl’s table. Happy end.

Tinder chief executive Sean Rad said: "A 'like' or 'swipe right' has long served as an anonymous way to express interest in someone, similar to a glance across the room.

"Because they're so limited in number, a Super Like, or a 'swipe up', sends a more powerful signal, conveying an especially high level of interest.

"People like to know that someone finds them special, and we think this will lead to even better matches."

I don’t know about you, but the dudes that got thrown around the diner seem to have super liked the girl, end they probably ended up at the ER. Not a good way to promote a feature, Tinder.