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Cybercriminals extort businesses under threats of DDoS

A hacker gang calling themselves DD4BC is apparently harassing banks, gaming firms and media groups, threatening to DDoS them into oblivion unless they pay up.

According to a report by net firm Akamai, the group had attacked 141 of its customers in the past 10 months. It's asking for a 50 bitcoin ransom (£8,000), and unless the company pays up, its site will get hit by 56 gigabits of data a second.

That's the threat, at least.

The group would send the company an email, and it included details on how and where the victims would pay, and included a promise not to target them again if they complied.

According to a report by Dark Reading, paying the hackers ensured they would not attack again: "We do bad things, but we keep our word."

DD4BC had been active since September 2014, said Akamai in a report about the group, but had recently stepped up its attacks against net-based businesses.

"The latest attacks - focused primarily on the financial service industry - involved new strategies and tactics intended to harass, extort and ultimately embarrass the victim publically," said Stuart Scholly, manager of Akamai's security division, in a statement.

The worst part of it all is that some companies do pay. Lisa Beegle, manager at Akamai’s Prolexic Security Engineering & Research Team (PLXsert) said it's difficult to tell how many companies did pay, but it is likely that at least a few of them have complied with the demands.

The full case study on DD4BC can be found on this link.