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The wait for middle-finger emojis is almost over

Apple in its operating system update to iOS 9.1 in autumn, is set to give users not only a better user interface. It is also set to add new emojis, which will include the “hotly-anticipated” middle-finger image.

The Unicode Consortium, the industry body which sets the standard cross-platform options, has approved a new batch of emojis in June 2015 and 2014. Some of these designs, as well as previous approved lists, can be used in the iOS 9.1 update, which has just been made available in beta.

Other new additions include a burrito, a unicorn, a robot, a bandaged face, and a “nerd”. Choices for each category has also been widened: flag designs for territories will include Christmas Island, Antarctica and Vatican City; the sports category will have badminton, cricket, field hockey and archery and in religions designs for a mosque and a synagogue have been added, among others.

However, many of the newer designs are still awaiting implementation, including the representation of other races among the human emojis.

There is no word on as to when the new emojis will be available in other operating systems, including Android.