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What technology powers the UK's biggest music festivals?

We're coming to the end of music festival season in the UK, a time where legions of fans travel around the country to see the biggest artists perform on some of the biggest and most famous stages around.

These festivals - as well as many bands and artists - usually have their own websites but what exactly is powering them and how do they cope with peak demands during the summer months?

WP Engine has created an infographic to delve a little deeper, finding that 98 of the UK's biggest music festivals use WordPress for their websites, including the likes of Creamfields and Glastonbury.

Of the other CMS options available, 78 use custom or static sites (T in the Park), 17 use Drupal (Reading Festival), 14 opt for Joomla (Secret Garden Party) and almost a dozen - including Bloodstock - use Adobe Dreamweaver.

WorkPress is also a popular choice among artists and bands, with some of the biggest performers including the likes of Katy Perry, Jay-Z and Mick Jagger, are using WordPress to showcase their brands online and engage with fans.

The full infographic from WP Engine can be found below.

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Image source: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images