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7 essential Microsoft Excel tricks everyone should know

Microsoft Excel has been around for 30 years, it's one of the most popular programs in the world and it's likely that most of us at some point or other have used spreadsheets at work.

Recent reports show that, 78 per cent of middle-skill jobs require digital literacy and 67 per cent of office roles require expertise in Microsoft Excel. So sharpening up your Excel skills really can help improve pay and job prospects.

But is your knowledge up to scratch? Luckily, Best STL has created an infographic to help you become and Excel master, with all the key bases covered.

The guide covers Charting (data presentation), Conditional Formatting (highlighting points of interest within datasets), Quick Analysis (easier when working with small datasets), Autofill (follows patterns to fill in rows or columns automatically), Power View (data exploration and visualisation), Pivot Tables (to quickly summarisa large sets of data) and Vlookup (collating data from different sheets).

The full infographic can be found below. Go forth and become and Excel master.

7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know

7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know by Excel Training