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Flickr makes plans for virtual reality

The world is really getting excited for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets that will be commercially available by early next year. And Flickr is not taking any chances.

The company is optimising and getting ready to take advantage of the virtual reality craze by encouraging users to upload 360-degree panoramic pictures so that headset owners can step into the virtual reality of images.

Of course the headset owners won’t be literally be able to step into the pictures, because we’ll need teleportation for that, but the Rift owners will be able to move their head around to look at different parts of the image.

And if they want to move to the next picture, they can simply look down for two seconds.

The grand plan of Flickr is to house a dedicated section that will just contain 360-degree panoramic images for VR headset owners and they can directly jump into that section with just a single click.

But there was a surprise last week. Kelloggs emerged as a supporter of the virtual reality headsets when it started selling Nutri-Gain boxes that you can fold into cardboard VR headsets. We guess that something like Minority Report is not far from becoming a reality.