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Apple releases UK prices for iPhone 6S

UK citizens interested in buying the new Apple iPhone 6S better be ready to shell out a serious amount of money, because the device is expensive!

Apple has released the prices for their latest smartphone around the world, and according to the release, consumers worldwid will have to pay approximately 30 per cent more than those in the States.

Britain has been placed near the very top of a global price list, with only France and Germany facing higher prices. In the States, you'll have to pay $649 (£420) for a basic 6S with 16gb of memory. The same device will cost Brits $832.73 (£539.05), Germans $835.24 (£540.49), and the French $846.54 (£547.80).

The SIM-free 64GB version costs £619 while the SIM-free 128GB is a whopping £699.

Buying the device in the United States means you will have to pay additional local sales taxes, as well as VAT when you arrive back to Great Britain.

If you decide to go for the larger iPhone 6S Plus, you will have to pay even more. The SIM-free price for the 16GB version is £619. The SIM-free 64GB model is £699 and the top-tier SIM-free 128GB iPhone 6s Plus costs £789.

Apple's new smartphones will be released on September 25 and are currently available for pre-order. They were unveiled last week, during an Apple event, where it was shown that the new devices will feature a new touchscreen technology called 3D Force Touch. It basically means the device will be able to differentiate three different types of touches.