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How to bridge the gap between your online and in-store customers

These days, business owners are faced with a quandary. How do you get your online customers to visit the store, and your loyal in-store customers to try out your new website?

Fortunately, you might be able to bridge the gap between your online and in-store customers by using these four tips.

Use comeback coupons

You love your customers, so why not sweeten their transaction with a comeback coupon? These coupons can be printed on receipts or emailed to online customers after their transaction goes through, giving the customer an incentive to buy from you again.

Some retailers even use comeback coupons to boost sales during slow parts of the year. Big stores regularly offer Nordstrom coupon codes for 20 per cent off through online coupon sites like And during the busy holiday months, you might issue a comeback coupon valid the first two weeks of January, when you traditionally have a tough time getting customers through the door.

If you want to boost your online sales, offer a comeback coupon advertising little-known upcoming deals, so that your buyers feel like they are part of an exclusive club.

Offer in-store returns

Sometimes, business owners make the mistake of not offering in-store returns. Instead some ask e-commerce customers to return unwanted merchandise via a prepaid shipping label. Unfortunately, this tactic has some serious drawbacks. First and foremost, your customers might not ever step inside your store. Second, your employees won’t have the chance to smooth over bad customer experiences.

However, if you offer in-store returns, your online customers might be able to touch and feel different products, talk with sales associates, and resolve issues that could sour your reputation from afar.

Invite customers to events

Another great way to blend your clientele is to offer free classes or events inside your store. Think about offering free products, tutorials, or short seminars about your merchandise.

For example, if you own a computer store, you might offer a free class on basic graphic design. In addition to bringing customers into your business, events also build your brand and give customers the chance to meet sales associates.

Go online

To get your in-store customer into your online realm, provide digital sales that are good for weekend shopping and can help them dodge crowds. You can also hold online surveys for customers to rate their in-store experience and receive discounts and rewards once they complete it. This can help them take the first step online and give your digital sales a boost

By bridging the gap between your customers, you might be able to create a loyal following of new clients who appreciate your time and efforts and give you more business than you might have first expected.