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iPhone 6S pre-orders already sold out over in China

As you doubtless won't have missed last week, Apple launched new iPhone models, and apparently they're proving very popular in China – much as the last incarnation of Apple's smartphone did.

In the UK, the iPhone 6S is currently available for pre-order with the dispatch date set at September 25, whereas only the larger phablet version is pegged with a delay of between three to four weeks (and the same is the case over in the US).

However, in China all iPhone 6S models have sold out in pre-order already, according to a report by Ubergizmo. Indeed, all the new iPhones reportedly sold out within 12 hours, meaning would-be Chinese iPhone 6S owners now have a two to three week wait for the delivery of their reserved iPhone.

The new iPhone 6S models offer 3D touch, which detects the strength of a press on the touchscreen to execute different UI functions, generally shortcuts to make life easier for the user.

The devices also offer a much improved camera as well as so-called Live Photos, among other tweaks.

Apple has seen huge growth in China with the iPhone 6, and the company was actually in the top spot in the Chinese smartphone market until recently, when it slipped back to third place. However, you can expect these new iPhones to seriously drive sales once more.