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Sony nabs Spectre product placement deal, despite James Bond's disapproval

Sony will retain rights to James Bond’s smartphone for the upcoming Spectre movie, despite Daniel Craig complaining that the Xperia Z3+ was not cool enough for Bond.

The new Xperia Z5 might have enticed Craig, or maybe it was the £5 million he is apparently getting for holding the smartphone in the film. That is on top of the £20 million the production team is receiving for all of the Sony gadgets that will be on display.

In the first of a few trailers, we see Bond’s agent played by Naomie Harris showing off the Xperia Z5’s low-light photography. The short-film was directed by Danny Kleinman and there will be a few more of these short videos before Spectre is released in cinemas.

The RX100 Mark IV compact camera also makes an appearance in the short film, used to snap a few quick shots of the target. Sony plans to get the whole lineup of gadgets, although we doubt there will be a smartwatch on James Bond’s wrist in Spectre.

Sony is definitely still the favourite tech company for James Bond, but tensions are growing. Eon Productions seems fine with the continued support, but if Craig’s replacement is any bit as tech savvy we might see a battle of who can get the best product placement.

Bond’s product placement has become a fascinating battle between companies, trying to make their product look premium and classy. The battle for what Bond has to drink, what he wears, what he drives and now what he uses to check Facebook is all fought with money.