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Tabby Awards announces nominees for business apps awards

The Tabby Awards /Business, the competition for the best mobile apps for business and professionals, today announced that it nominated 56 tablet-optimised apps for 2015.

The award-giving body has also added the smartphone mobile apps category for the first time this year and had chosen 34 nominees for the smartphone-optimised apps.

Nominees include productivity and enterprise apps from Adobe, Bombardier, Breezes, Citrix, DocuSign, Gulfstream, Morningstar and Rosetta Stone. Nominees in the tablet category include apps for Android, iOS, and Windows OS, while nominees for the smartphone category include entries for Android and iOS.

Tabby Awards /Business nominees include four enterprise iPad apps by UK publishers, with all the nominees being selected by an independent judging panel of 24 mobile experts.

"Innovation has come through on all fronts; from broad-based productivity apps as well as from very niche, specialised enterprise apps," the panel's chair and Mediafly CEO Carson Conant said.

The full list of categories and nominees can be found on the Tabby Awards website and winners in each category will be announced later this fall.