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Apple Music is no Spotify killer, says Spotify CEO

The launch of Apple Music may have actually helped Spotify grow, even though these two services are direct competitors.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is no "Spotify killer“. In fact, Apple's skills in creating hype has just expanded the market, and helped Spotify grow with it.

The notion that Apple would be a “Spotify killer” was overblown, Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek said at an event in Toronto Monday, Bloomberg says in a report. “We keep setting new records week by week,” Ek said.

Spotify is the world’s largest subscription music-streaming service with 20 million users who pay a monthly fee to listen to as much music as they want. The service costs $9.99 (£6.5) in the US.

However, according to UK's Business Insider, there is one thing which is setting the two services apart, and is crucial to Spotify's success – artificial intelligence.

"While Apple Music is focused on curation by a cadre of music elites, embodied by superstar DJ Zane Lowe, Spotify is much more involved with machine learning“, it says.

Last year, Spotify bought AI company The Echo Nest last year for $100 million (£65m), which has helped it create a better “discovery tool”.

The service, called Discover Weekly, analyses a user’s listening history and creates a playlist of tracks that match their taste.

The playlist is approximately two hours long, gets updated weekly, and has received great comments from the masses on Twitter.

In July, Gizmodo said the Discover Weekly playlist service “knows you so well it’s creepy”