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CEERUS app launched to provide secure communications for the enterprise

SQR Systems, a cybersecurity start-up working out of London, has announced the launch of a new app offering secure communications to business users.

The CEERUS app provides secure voice comms, messaging and video using the Mikey-Sakke secure key exchange which is also employed by the UK government. End-to-end encryption is promised, with content on devices and in transit being protected.

The company also promises that call quality or general performance won't be compromised by the system, so you won't pay for your security by not being able to clearly hear the party on the other end of the line when making a voice call, for example.

You can download the CEERUS app for Android right now from the Play Store, with an iOS version due for release in the fourth quarter. Of course, if you're a business, you can order a custom deployment on your IT infrastructure.

Dr Nithin Thomas, CEO of SQR Systems, said: “The frustrations of dropped calls and frozen video are aggravated by traditional security technologies but CEERUS delivers highly secure voice, video and data communications optimised for each user’s device and connection.

"We drive good behaviour and user adoption of secure communications within an organisation by delivering the same user experience as widely used apps like WhatsApp and Skype, whilst ensuring the organisation is protecting its valuable IP and sensitive information at the highest level.”