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Cyber security expertise in high demand as threats increase

It seems a growing number of businesses are seeking cyber security expertise as jobs in the area now make up 14 per cent of all new UK-based IT roles.

This is according to new research by professional services consultancy Procorre, which also claims 15 per cent of cyber security roles pay over £100,000.

The firm claims that this growing interest in professionals in this area is the result of recent high profile hacks that exposed the vulnerability of many businesses’ IT security systems and the extent of the potential threat.

“There is a global shortage of experienced and talented cyber security experts, especially after a recent spate of high profile attacks that have demonstrated the need for businesses to improve their cyber defences,” claimed Procorre Contracts and HR Manager Wiktor Podgorski.

“As well as work that is going on in-house to strengthen firewalls, we are also seeing the growth of specialist cyber security companies that take a more proactive approach to defence, such as luring hackers into deliberate traps or attempting to trace the source of an attack.

“Many of the businesses that have been hacked over the past few years have lost very sensitive information. Even if the information lost does not put them at personal risk of financial loss, customers lose faith in companies that are unable to keep information secure, so data losses have a significant long-term impact on sales and revenue,” he added.

Universities working to meet demand

Procorre performed an analysis of 10,210 IT vacancies in the UK and found that 1420 of these were in cyber security and it is this demand that is driving salaries into the six figure region.

British universities have responded to this growing demand for cyber security expertise, with 42 now offering specialist undergraduate degrees in this area, while more than 700 postgraduate related degrees are also available.