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Ocado welcomes the coming of Amazon

British online supermarket Ocado says the market is tough, but Amazon’s imminent joining is not a problem for them.

As a matter of fact, it might benefit them, the company’s CFO Duncan Tatton-Brown said to UK’s Business Insider.

Amazon is reportedly close to launching its own online grocery delivery service Fresh in the UK, but Tatton-Brown says Ocado is prepared.

He said: "I hear that they’ve got some plans to launch but I haven’t heard much more than that. Frankly we welcome it. Anything that shifts the consumer online in the grocery market is good for us. If the market gets bigger that’s good for us."

He added: "There absolutely is a battle plan and that’s that we provide the best service to our customers.

So there you have it – anything that would encourage more people to buy online is good for Ocado, even if they’re not using Ocado.

"We’re competing with some pretty big players now. Tesco is a huge business and is a pretty capable business and has been in online retail for longer than Ocado,” he said.

"Amazon have been in this space for 8 years and they’re growing quite slowly in the US. I think that just underlines how tough this market is."

Online grocer said in a statement on Tuesday that sales jumped 17.3 per cent to £272 million ($419.8 million) in the third quarter, thanks to a 16.6 per cent rise in the average number of orders per week to 190,000.

Ocado shares are up over 4 per cent after 15 minutes of trade in London, Business Insider says. The 17 per cent rise in sales was above expectations.