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Twitter hit by major outage, but problem now cured

The website was hit by a major outage over in the US yesterday, but apparently all is now well, with the problem being resolved in fairly swift fashion.

The issue occurred at just after 11:00 PST (so it happened yesterday evening our time), and lasted for almost an hour.

It only affected the main Twitter website, and not mobile users, or those using other services such as TweetDeck.

On its status page, Twitter announced: “From 11:22am to 12:16pm PST, users may have experienced issues accessing Other services including mobile were not affected. This issue has now been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

As you can see from the status page, twitter also had a couple of service issues at the end of August, with downtime of around 40 minutes for some users on August 31, and a 20 minute glitch on August 28. That’s a slightly patchy record of late…

The social network recently implemented a major change whereby it abandoned the 140 character limit for direct messages, allowing folks to waffle on for far longer if they are chatting to each other directly.

Of course, tweets themselves remain bound by the 140 character limit, given that this is pretty much the entire point of Twitter.