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Kitchen etiquette and birthdays get more attention than data security

Yes you read that headline right. According to Centrify's ‘State of the Corporate Perimeter,’ IT decision makers (ITDMs) in UK companies are more likely to hear trivial matters such as staff birthdays in the office than about security protocols.

When quizzed about the most prevalent office converstions, ITDMs revealed that employees leaving and joining the company (37 per cent), free food left over after meetings (20 per cent), holidays and birthdays (18 per cent) and kitchen etiquette (17 per cent) were all heard about more than issues related to security.

This shows that security is still not receiving the importance it deserves in many companies, highlighted by the findings that 30 per cent of ITDMs said that they had to fight for stricter security protocols and over a quarter (27 per cent) say they have had stricter security protocols denied by senior management.

“Given the very high profile of data security breaches today, it is surprising that organisations are apparently not taking every opportunity possible to raise the profile of security internally and improve security protocols,” said Barry Scott, CTO EMEA at Centrify.

“As well as from the outside, many security breaches are caused by insider threats, either intentionally by staff or ex-employees taking revenge on their employer or for other malicious reasons, or unintentionally by employees clicking on a link from a potential attacker using social engineering techniques.

"Regardless of the source, companies should be making every effort to educate users and raise awareness of potential threats and to improve their security training and posture.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Ungor