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Apple Watch battery life isn't such a big deal after all

The Apple Watch has been with us for a few months now and while there were initial concerns about the battery life, it seems that these fears were unfounded.

The ways in which people have ended up using their Apple Watches means that a single charge is enough to get through day in most cases.

A survey of 1,200 Watch wearers by Wristly found that the overwhelming majority of users reported that their battery lasted a full day. A startling percentage of people (44 per cent) said that they did not check battery level at all during the day, and most have fallen into the habit of simply recharging overnight. But what is the biggest battery killer?

Perhaps unsurprisingly the greatest power draw is workout tracking. 45 per cent of those surveyed said their workouts killed their battery, while 19 per cent and 7 per cent blamed directions and voice calls. Overall, more than half of Apple Watch owners are 'highly satisfied' with how long the battery lasts, with just 8 per cent describing themselves as either 'somewhat dissatisfied' or 'highly dissatisfied'.


There is slight variation between the different Apple Watch models. 93 per cent of 38mm Watches make it through the day, compared to 98 per cent of the 42mm version.

Accordingly, there is a higher level of satisfaction associated with the battery of the larger timepiece.

You can check out the full results in a blog post from Wristly.