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Google Glass is not dead

You thought Google Glass was dead, didn't you? Oh, how wrong you were!

In a manner of a true Latin American soap opera, Google Glass went underground, changed its name and is now slowly getting ready to emerge, stronger than ever and having its users experience even more awkward scenes in public places!

According to a report by UK's Business Insider, Google Glass is now known as Project Aura. The company has pulled in a bunch of Amazon's consumer electronics experts which were left for dead when the company's Lab126 fell apart.

"Project Aura will remain within Google rather than being a standalone company under the new Alphabet holding company or being folded into the Nest smart appliances business, a source familiar with the matter told Business Insider“, it says in the report.

Business Insider spotted a couple of updated LinkedIn profiles, where employees stated they were working on “Google Glass and Beyond”. Star Trek kind of stuff right here.

Nest CEO Tony Fadell is in charge of the project, not to be confused with Project Ara – Google’s modular smartphone in the works.

Google Glass was the company’s attempt at making wearable tech – the smartglasses. However, it had to pull the $1,500 gadget off the shelves as it got bad reviews. It was considered clunky and without much practical use.

Its camera, mounted on the glasses, also raised privacy concerns, which is why many theatres and cinemas banned their use during screening.

Google continues to sell Glass to businesses for use in the workplace and is reportedly working on a new enterprise version of the device.