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How to install iOS 9

Yesterday we saw the introduction of the iOS 9 – Apple's latest and greatest operating system for mobile devices.

Even though it's already working hard on the iOS 9.1 beta, the current version brings a number of enhancements and improvements, including an ad blocker for Safari, a more context-aware virtual assistant Siri, and an increase in battery life.

Some enhancements, such as the split-spreen multitasking, are reserved for certain devices (in this case, the iPad), so make sure to check out the complete list of iOS 9 features.

The iOS 9 can be installed on these devices: iPhone 4S and newer, iPad Mini and newer, and the iPod Touch 5th and 6th generation, a total of 20 devices.

There are two ways you can install iOS 9 on your device: wirelessly and through iTunes.

Plug your device into a power outlet and connect to a Wi-Fi network (3G isn't recommended as it might serve you a large bill). Then navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Once the iOS 9 is found, tap Download.

If you want to upgrade through iTunes, connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. This will prompt iTunes to open and once it does you need to click on the connected device. Then Click 'Check for Updates' in the Summary pane to search for iOS 9.

Just in case, don’t forget to back up your current operating system before installing any updates. You don’t want to be left without your contacts of photos.