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iTunes 12.3 boasts tightened security with two-factor authentication

Apple has finally brought iTunes into the modern security world, with the service now offering two-factor authentication to help better protect customers who make use of it.

The new version of iTunes, 12.3, now boasts 2FA, which most big internet outfits already employ, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, with Dropbox recently adding two-factor support.

Two-factor authentication is simply a second line of defence, so as well as the account password, you also need a one-off PIN code which is sent to your mobile (or other device you own) whenever you’re logging in from, say, a new device/location (which a hacker would be).

The new version 12.3 of the software also fully supports the freshly released iOS 9, and the upcoming version of OS X, El Capitan – and indeed Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 10.

Apple wrote that other minor tweaks include the resolution of a problem that prevented songs being reordered within Up Next, alongside improving Apple Music accessibility with VoiceOver, and fixing a problem where some radio stations did not appear within Recently Played. An issue where songs users loved on iOS failed to appear loved on iTunes was also addressed.

Stability and performance improvements were also introduced, but if you bother with anything with this new version, you should certainly take the time to set up two-factor authentication – you may be hugely glad of this feature if your account details are ever hacked.