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Pinterest has 100 million users, co-founder says

Pinterest allegedly has 100 million users.

There's no word on the important milestone over at the Pinterest Blog, but AFP has had a chance to talk to the company's co-founder Evan Sharp who confirmed the achievement.

Co-founder Evan Sharp told AFP that most of the users "are not just visiting Pinterest once a month, but they're actually discovering something so interesting that they're saving it or are clicking through to the website."

"It's 100 million active users, more than 70 per cent of whom are actively engaged," he said in a telephone interview.

Sharp said that the majority of Pinterest users are women but noted the gender gap "is closing a little bit every month."

The site is trailing behind Instagram, another photo-sharing service, but Sharp insists the two are not competitors as they have different audiences.

"Instagram is more of a social service at the end of the day," he said. “It’s more similar to a social network," while Pinterest "is much more like a search engine. On Pinterest, you search for something, you find a great outfit, you can buy that outfit. (The two platforms) serve very different purposes."

Pinterest does not want to be labelled as a social media site.

The number of new Pinterest "pins" is now estimated to be more than 1.5 billion per month, according to the company, which is seeing its strongest growth globally, noting that some 45 percent of users are outside the US market.

"Right now the focus of the company is growing around the world, outside of the United States," he said.