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You can now control your Ford from your smartwatch

Ford has updated its MyFord Mobile app and gave it support for both the Apple Watch and Android-powered smartwatches.

According to a report by T3, the app doesn't actually let you drive the car with your watch, but instead offers a handful of nifty features to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

So for example, the app allows you to precondition the car from the outside before travelling, to display a detailed summary of mileage, show the last trip the car made and supply various pieces of data concerning the car.

The app also grades your driving in a gaming kind of way, giving you scores in the shape of green leaves, to tell you how efficiently you’re driving. That way, the app is trying to make drivers more responsible.

But perhaps the best thing this app has to offer is a navigation of its own – it can help you locate your car if you’ve left it somewhere and have no idea how to get back to it (or maybe if it gets stolen? I don’t know). It works for both walking to the car, and driving to it – in case you really messed something up.

Included with the update is incorporation of Google Maps in the MyFord Mobile app, which is used to show nearby electric car charging stations. The Android Wear and Apple Watch apps are available right now and you can start playing around with the features as long as you own a Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric or Ford Fusion Energi.