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Apple's Move to iOS app gets severely blasted by Android trolls

Alongside the release of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 9, the company has also pushed out a Move to iOS app on the Play Store for Android users who want to transfer over to an iPhone.

Although predictably enough, the app has been badly shot down, with many offended Android addicts getting on board to give the software a one star rating and a slagging – alongside some genuine reviews which pop up very occasionally.

In total, at the time of writing, a rather staggering 13,500 reviewers have given Move to iOS one star, and that’s from a total of 16,900 reviews – that’s 80 per cent of reviewers who have trashed Apple’s effort.

Here’s a typical one star review from Android user Harvey Drysdale, who wrote: “Haha. What do you think I am? Mad? Why on earth would I move from Android to Fisher Price? Sorry, I mean iOS. Sheer madness I tell you!”

And that comes alongside plenty of cries of: “Google why did you allow them to put this app here?”

As we mentioned, there are genuine seeming reviews among the mass of pot-shots and ‘comedy’ critiques, such as the one from user Samuel Yun, who observed: “Works well. Ignore the Android fanboy circlejerk. This app does its job and moves content over to my iPhone. If you seriously expect Apple to use Material Design, you need to get your head checked. Google doesn't even use iOS design standards on iOS apps.”

The latter point is in reference to the many complaints about the appearance of the app.

Going by the very few people who have actually used it and wrote a review, the app seems to work well enough. Despite that, of course, the current average rating is 1.7 out of five stars.