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Enterprise customers will be first to get Microsoft's Hololens

Gamers, you will have to wait a little longer to have your handle on the Microsoft HoloLens. Maybe until 2020.

But if you are an enterprise developer or user, you might be the first person in line to get the HoloLens before anyone else. In fact, you should look out for its launch in 2016.

In a recent report from Re/code, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that enterprise users and developers should get ready for the HoloLens because it will be launching within the next year.

If you are wondering what use it might have for the enterprise sector, you will be surprised at just how useful it can be.

For example Google Glass, which is sort of an augmented reality device, can allow industrial workers to pull up different types of information such as manuals, printed instructions, shipping information, etc. without having to carry around those documents in folders or pieces of paper.

The same can be done with HoloLens. But it might just be a matter of time until Microsoft gets enough developers on the new platform that will completely change the entire experience of augmented reality.

The best part about such a setup, is that the workers won’t have to run back to the office to grab those documents because they will be readily available on the fly since they are stored digitally.