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iOS 9 reaches 12% adoption rate in 24 hours, lower than previous versions

Apple launched the iOS 9 update yesterday across all its “tier 1” regions, allowing iPhone and iPad users to install the latest version of the mobile operating system.

In 24 hours, 12.4 per cent of iOS owners did just that, according to Mixpanel. While that might seem like a surge, it is actually the lowest amount in 24 hours ever. It is three per cent lower than iOS 8 and five per cent lower than iOS 7.

This shows a clear cautiousness by iPhone and iPad owners, after the issues with iOS 8. Apple had to update iOS twice in order to fix all of the problems with the update, leading many users to want to move back to iOS 7.

12.4 per cent is still quite a lot of the iOS population however, with over a tenth of all users putting their faith in Apple. Mobile intelligence firm Crittercism even believes iOS 9 will surpass iOS 8 in adoption rate over the next month, due to lower crashes on the new update.

Apple has added a range of new features to iOS 9, including a new search panel, upgraded Siri, transit maps, multitasking for iPad with Split View, QuickType, News, updated Notes, and Wallet. An additional hour of battery life and more security have also been added.

To make the process of updating simpler, Apple dropped three quarters of the size from the iOS 9 update file, compared to iOS 8. That should allow more users to receive iOS 9 without having to delete a ton of apps, although it is still a pain for 16GB models.

Apple might be planning to make the iPhone and iPad have even more storage space, with CEO Tim Cook revealing discussions on the potential to allow users to remove permanent apps.