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Looking for a cheaper alternative to Apple? Try the Zing smartwatch

In an effort to give an option to those consumers looking for an inexpensive smartwatch, a new player has entered the foray with a very affordable alternative to the pricey Apple Watch.

Cambridge-based company MvBii has launched Zing, a wearable which combines the features of a smartwatch with the functionality of a fitness tracker, for just £64.99.

MvBii say that Zing’s most popular feature is the visualisation of physical activity, which lets users check on their progress throughout the day. It also has a matching app that contains a mood monitor with built-in sensors.

The smartwatch can also be used as a remote for a smartphone, which lets users take group selfies or to change the song on the phone’s music player through a simple flick of the wrist.

Zing pebble

Of course the low cost has its set backs, most likely in the form of limited functionality. But since recent surveys have found that the most popular uses of the Apple Watch are notifications and health and fitness monitoring, which Zing has covered, it may lead to attracting users with those features alone.

Zing’s design is also quite attractive despite its relatively low price. The “watch” can be worn on the wrist, as a pendant, or placed in the pocket as a pebble.

“Our company has all the right attributes to be a modern, hi-tech design and manufacturing business – speed, strong product design skill, a good network of global suppliers and lots of ideas,” Justin Pisani, founder of Zing, said. “With well-being, we are particularly interested in helping communities, both young and old, to deal with the challenges of living with health or lifestyle issues.”

The Zing smartwatch will become available on Amazon from 23 September