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Second generation Chromecast coming later this month

Google might be planning a second generation Chromecast for launch next month.

Internal documents found by 9to5Google seem to suggest new dual-band WiFi and a new feature called Chromecast Audio. The audio will be pushed out of the Chromecast through an auxiliary port to speakers, offering high-quality audio.

The design will remain the same as it is now, but with the auxiliary port along with the micro USB for connecting to mains and HDMI to connect to the TV. A new software feature called “Fast Play”, which should allow connecting devices to the Chromecast and playing audio and video simple for all the family.

The Chromecast is a pain to get setup and sometimes fails to establish a connection between the video and the TV. This can be even more frustrating with livestreams, where you might miss out on a whole minute of content trying to establish a connection.

Hopefully, the second generation will sort some of the problems of delay from sites like Twitch.TV and the NFL GamePass app. Both run on 10 to 20 second delays compared to a stream on the computer, putting viewers behind on the action.

The second generation Chromecast should maintain its budget price point. Spotify is apparently preparing an app to work with Chromecast Audio, which will be unveiled alongside the TV stick later this month.

Google plans to announce the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 at an event at the end of the month. The Chromecast may come alongside it.