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Why security is for the whole company not just the IT department

When it comes to technical issues, it’s sometimes easier to leave it to the experts, but when it comes to cybersecurity, this approach can subject businesses to a huge number of vulnerabilities.

The reason why security can’t be left to the IT department alone is simply that often it isn’t a technical issue at all, but a human one.

While the implementation of firewalls and anti-virus software is not to be neglected, changes to office culture often prove more effective in reducing the number of security breaches. The number of problems that arise simply because employees have not selected robust passwords is testament to the human faults that sometimes lie at the heart of security issues.

The best way to eradicate these issues is to create a feeling of individual responsibility amongst staff, where everyone takes vulnerabilities with the severity they deserve. One of the ways that businesses can achieve this is by conducting security workshops or talks and having clear company policies regarding things like BYOD and disaster recovery.

In addition, the rise of cloud computing and web-based apps means that the threat landscape is very different to how it was just a few years ago. Today, making sure the IT department has placed security software on work smartphones and laptops is too limited as it focuses on devices rather than data.

Sensitive information stored in the cloud can now be accessed by employees from anywhere in the world. Modern businesses must educate their employees on security to ensure that the responsibility for protecting data is one that is shared by the entire organisation.

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