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UK business are the most prepared to deal with cyber attacks

According to the data provided by UK organisations, targeted cyber attacks on their businesses have increased by almost 61 per cent in the UK.

But these attacks were less likely to have impacted those businesses because even though almost 53 per cent of the organisations feared that the attacks would make an impact, they had taken measures to mitigate the targeted attacks.

That might be a good thing, but the number of targeted attacks in the UK have been reported to be higher than the Europe average (8.6 versus the European average of 6.2).

The increased number of attacks definitely points out the fact that the UK is an attractive target for the cyber criminals. But since UK organisations are better prepared for those attacks, it is less likely that those attacks would make a huge impact on them.

The average estimated cost of a cyber attack for a UK business is £172,000 compared to the European average of £243,000.

In the Europe, the most recent cyber-attack on an average organisation has occurred within the last 3 months (87 days), while the average for the UK is 80 days.

The organisations in the UK are without any doubt, ahead of their European counterparts, and have made sure that they have a breach response plan in place. Approximately 51 per cent of UK organisations said that a breach response plan was very important, while only 38 per cent of European organisations considered it that important.