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VIP: Security pros with DDoS skills in hot demand

DDoS attacks regularly make the news, but what are companies doing to help them fend off and guard against the threat?

Security company Incapsula has conducted some research to find out if companies are actively seeking candidates with DDoS mitigation skills.

By analysing listings from the and recruitment websites, it reveals a sustained increase in demand for professionals with DDoS mitigation experience across IT security, network engineering and operations, systems administration and DevOps, worldwide.

It finds that 85 per cent of the listings seeking DDoS skills come from just eight counties with the US, China and the UK topping the list. The biggest demand is - unsurprisingly - for security professionals but demand for network engineers also showed a significant increase.

"Clearly, companies are looking to hire for DDoS mitigation skills. The growth in DDoS attacks makes it essential for every company to have a DDoS planning, prevention and mitigation strategy, and the staff to execute on that strategy," says Tim Matthews, vice president of marketing at Incapsula. "It can take months to hire a person with the right technical skills. We think finding people with good DDoS mitigation skills is especially hard, given that it crosses the domains of network and application layers, web infrastructure and applications, system administration, data center operations and DevOps.

"Also, DDoS attackers are skilled and nimble, and IT professionals need to be equally nimble and agile to stop new types of attacks".

You can read more about the research on the Incapsula blog.

Image Credit: Arcady / Shutterstock