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Apple's iOS 9 sets new record for fastest adoption rate

We'd already heard that the recently released iOS 9 had outdone previous versions of the mobile operating system in terms of the speed of adoption, and now Apple has confirmed a new record in its latest press release.

Mixpanel put adoption at 12.4 per cent of iOS users after just 24 hours, and Apple's official announcement declares that the ninth incarnation of its mobile OS has seen the fastest adoption rate ever, with over 50 per cent of Apple devices now using iOS 9.

That’s as of September 19, two days ago, with the figures gleaned from the App Store. So in other words, over half the user base had made the leap inside of three days after the release of iOS 9.

In the same release, Apple boasted of iOS 9: “iOS 9, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, brings more intelligence to iPhone with proactive assistance, powerful search and improved Siri features, all while protecting users’ privacy.”

It also features an overhauled Notes app, and the introduction of a News app, a news reading affair which offers exclusive content and the likes of embedded video and animations.

iOS 9 also boosts the operating system on the security front, although perhaps today isn’t the best day to be talking about security for Apple, after what happened with the App Store – namely a major malware attack.

Cupertino further noted that its new smartphones, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, would be available in stores on Friday kicking off at 8:00 am over in the US.

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