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Microsoft Band 2 images leaked showing new curved display

Rumour has it that the successor to the Microsoft Band will be unveiled in the first week of October, but alleged images of the incoming fitness device have already spilled online, showing some considerable changes to the design.

And those changes were needed given that the aesthetics and rather clunky nature of the original Band drew plenty of criticism.

The pictures of the Band 2 were published by Microsoft Insider (spotted by Engadget) and they show a more stylish looking device which has a curved display in contrast to the flat screen seen on the original.

It’s not hugely curved, mind you, and overall the device still looks a tad chunky – but there can be no argument that this is a definite improvement, if these are indeed up-to-date pics of the Band 2.

The Microsoft Band went on sale in April this year in the UK, following a considerable delay after the US launch. It was originally priced at £170, but you can now get it on Microsoft’s web store for £150. You can pick it up slightly cheaper than that if you shop around online, too.

There are certainly plenty of fans of the device on Microsoft’s store, with user reviews being very positive on the whole, and the hardware scoring an average customer review of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Image credit: Windows Insider