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Most IT executives are mulling how they can benefit from the Internet of Things

IT executives are taking more interest in the growing field of the Internet of Things and trying to suss out how they might benefit from it, according to recent research from CompTIA.

The study, entitled ‘Sizing up the Internet of Things’, found that the vast majority of IT industry executives – eight out of ten – have taken some form of action to further understand what opportunities the IoT might offer their company.

A third of execs also said that they believed IoT opportunities will bolster their profits as soon as the next one to two years.

It's not all positive news though, as just over half – 53 per cent – believed that the IoT market was overheating in terms of hype, and getting ahead of itself. That's a very similar figure to the survey CompTIA produced last year.

The research also looked into where the Internet of Things will have the greatest impact, and the number one area was controlling and monitoring newly connected devices or systems, which was cited by 53 per cent of respondents.

Collecting new streams of data was in joint second place with 46 per cent, along with adding intelligence to previously "dumb" systems. Creating new value from connected systems was in fourth place with 42 per cent.

Tim Herbert, senior vice president, research and market intelligence at CompTIA, commented: "The data points to IoT advances on many fronts, but also confirms that like many markets for emerging technologies, it will take time for IoT to develop. Many facets of IoT – standards, governance, security and privacy issues, skilled workers and other matters – need to fall into place before the market can truly blossom."