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Samsung planning an Apple-like subscription service

I wonder if Apple will sue Samsung for copying its things again, after the Korean smartphone maker kicks off the smartphone leasing feature of its own.

According to media reports on Monday morning, Samsung is planning on launching a leasing program similar to Apple's recently announced iPhone Upgrade Program.

“It’s a no brainer why they wouldn’t do this,” Forbes quoted an anonymous executive as saying.

Apple’s 24-month program — which works with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon — starts at $32.41/month, and will launch alongside the new iPhones later this month.

It basically gives you a new, unlocked iPhone on every release, together with AppleCare+ for protection. some have hailed the feature as a 'slap' on the cheek of carriers, while other see it as only new means for Apple to earn more money – with every new device you get, you have to return the old one.

“Because the iPhone upgrade program isn’t tied to a single carrier, you don’t need a multiyear service contract. If you don’t have any carrier commitments, you’re free to select a new carrier or stick with the one you have,” Apple says about the program.

New phones and services are not the only tools the two use in the endless battle for consumers – the companies are also at each other's throats in court, battling over various patents.

Apple has recently won a very important patent battle against Samsung, one which might force the Korean tech giants to change a few features in the software of smartphones it sells in the United States.