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Skype glitch hits many users, but fix is underway now

Some Skype users have been hit by a glitch this morning, which struck at around 9:20, although it hasn’t completely pulled the rug on the service, and appears to just affect Skype status in the main – a good number of users appear to be affected, though, and some can't login.

Indeed we've been plagued by this ourselves, with our status not showing up, and all contacts showing as offline despite the fact that they’re online and we can still chat with them perfectly fine.

Skype Support tweeted: “We are aware of an issue affecting Skype status at the moment, and are working on a quick fix.”

It also provided a link to a status page which noted: “Affected users will not be able to change their status, their contacts will all show as offline and they will be unable to start Skype calls to them.”

Instant messaging is unaffected, and if you wish to make calls, you can always use Skype for Web, as that hasn’t been hit by these particular gremlins.

The post added: “We're working on a fix for this issue and hope to have an update for you soon. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused while we get this resolved.”

That fix may actually be imminent, as a minute ago, we noticed that all our contacts came back online briefly, but then flicked to offline again – but we’ll take that as a good sign.