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A fifth of all mobile phones are shipped by Samsung

Some new research into the mobile phone market has found that 21 per cent of handsets shipped across the world are made by Samsung.

So while all we've heard about the company and its mobile fortunes has been bad news of late, bear in mind that every fifth phone across the globe still has the Samsung logo on it.

Sam Mobile spotted these figures from Counterpoint Research’s Q2-2015 Market Monitor report, which found that Samsung is still top of the tree in terms of mobile phones globally, although the firm isn’t doing so well in America – where Apple is leading with 34 per cent of the market.

In the global picture, Apple is in second place on 14 per cent, so still a fair distance behind Samsung on 21 per cent. Huawei has actually moved up to third place with 9 per cent, followed by another two Chinese giants, Xiaomi and ZTE in joint fourth on 5 per cent. LG nestled behind these front-runners on 4 per cent.

As for the fastest growing brand, that was actually Asus, with the firm’s shipments increasing by a factor of five compared to last year. Vivo is also growing fast, seeing its shipment numbers quadruple year-on-year.

In total, global shipment numbers were up 5 per cent year-on-year.

Counterpoint also observed that three out of every four handsets across the world are now smartphones, and half of those smartphones are LTE equipped. Most of those LTE phones are in the US and China, and in fact those two countries count for two-thirds of the global LTE market.

One final interesting nugget of information – if you don’t count Samsung, Apple’s total smartphone revenue now exceeds that of all the other phone vendors combined.