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A quarter of UK SMEs find their IT infrastructure is unmanageable

A new survey has found that no less than a quarter of SMEs in the UK admitted that their IT infrastructure is "too hard to manage".

The poll, which was conducted by Censuswide and commissioned by Essensys, took in the opinions of some 350 business decision-makers at UK SMEs, and is part of a new report from the latter entitled ‘Making IT the solution and not the problem’.

As well as discovering that 25 per cent of respondents felt their IT estate was unmanageable, the survey found that 29 per cent thought IT was simply too expensive. 27 per cent were also worried about the cost of rolling out new IT services.

And a fifth of those surveyed – 21 per cent to be precise – said they had difficulty staying abreast of new technologies.

As for the amount of decision-makers who didn't have any IT frustrations – that was only 8 per cent of those polled.

As to what these executives actually wanted in terms of IT, 27 per cent said that it should be more easily scalable, and 20 per cent felt it would be better to fork out for IT on an OPEX (ongoing operational expenditure) basis.

And 37 per cent of CEOs said they would prefer it if their organisation wasn't reliant on IT specialists.

Mark Furness, CEO at essensys, said: “We believe that businesses should expect more from their IT infrastructure. IT should indeed play a key role in leading change and innovation inside organisations rather than be a barrier and a source of frustration. Businesses should therefore no longer accept IT solutions that are reliant on complex management tools, have high maintenance demands and are difficult to scale.

“Instead, our report sets out how businesses need IT infrastructures that are driven by far greater automation and sophisticated orchestration technology, empowering people to easily self-serve and manage their services. IT can really be a main driver of productivity and competitiveness and thankfully, the experience is a lot better than what most people expect.”

Image credit: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images