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Apple is pushing forward with electric car looking at a 2019 "ship date"

Apple is indeed going ahead with its electric car and even has a target date for the vehicle's realisation, according to the latest from the Cupertino rumour mill.

This comes from a reliable source, as well – namely the Wall Street Journal (via Reuters) – and apparently Apple's electric car is now a "committed project", meaning it will definitely be made.

Going forward, Project Titan as it is known will see its team tripled in size from 600 staff members to close to 2000, with everything moving up a gear for a target shipping date of 2019.

That doesn't necessarily mean the car will be on the streets in just four years’ time, mind you, as apparently in Apple parlance a "ship date" can simply mean the point at which all of a product's main features are signed off by the engineering team.

2019 is obviously highly optimistic as a date for when you can actually test drive and buy an Apple car, given the project is still very much in its early stages right now. Doubtless there is a lot of work to be done – although exactly how much depends on the nature of the car.

And it won’t be an autonomous (self-driving) vehicle, the WSJ’s sources said. Apple may well take Google on at this game eventually, though.

Last month, Apple was linked with the possible purchase of the GoMentum Station automotive testing facility, a former naval base turned testing ground for self-driving cars and other high-tech vehicles.

And unsurprisingly Cupertino is continuing to hoover up executives from the car industry, and the company’s most recent hire was Doug Betts, previously the head of global quality at Fiat Chrysler.