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Solve your scheduling problems with these two apps

Two new time management apps have been released lately, a calendar and a to-do list app.

Called CloudCal and CloudTasks, the two apps are designed to work in-sync to make life in the office somewhat easier.

The apps have a different approach on time management, it is said in the official press release by its developer, Pselis.

“Rather than make it difficult to see what the month holds or what needs to be done, people are given a visual representation, which is beautifully designed, intuitive and simple to understand in seconds,” it says.

One of the key features of CloudCal is called Magic Circles, which turn each day into a clock face which gives a visual overview of the day ahead.

The apps are easily synced with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Gmail, Google Calendar and Tasks, and allow locations, maps and directions to be added.

CloudTasks offers easy tasks adding, list creation, and reminders and priorities organisation.

“The idea for CloudCal and CloudTasks came from experiencing the same issues lots of people face on a daily basis. Staying on top of different appointments, meetings, calls and everything else in your life can become a major issue. I wanted to create something that could change that for everyone,” said Emilio Dellepiane, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudCal.

“Our apps offer a unique new take on the stale calendar and to-do list apps. It gives you an instant visual summary of your month, what you have to do and if there’s room for anything else. After all, life is about living.”

CloudCal and CloudTasks are available to download for free from Google Play with future plans for an iOS version and other platforms in the pipeline.