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You can crash Chrome with this simple code

There's a weird set of characters which you can type into your Chrome browser and have it instantly crash.

The bug was reported a few days back and after testing it just now, I can confirm that it's still there. Android version of Chrome is not affected by the bug.

According to a report by the Latvian security researcher Andris Atteka, if you type in “/%%30%30” (without the quote marks) at the end of any link into your Google Chrome browser, it will crash it. The same thing happens if you clicking, or hovering over the text with a mouse, if the text is made a hyperlink.

Placing null characters, in this case %%30%30 or similar at the end of the URL causes Chrome to instantly choke through a series of attempts to rationalise the web address.

Several reports indicate that the bug affects Android Web view – the version of Chrome that operates as part of Android to provide third-party apps such as Twitter, Facebook and others with an integrated web browser.

A fix is already in place, but it will take some time for it to reach the current version of Chrome. Chromium developers have fixed the issue for the open-source base for Google’s Chrome.

In case Chrome crashes, it’s not a big problem as the browser has the ability of restoring all lost tabs. However, any text entered in any of the tabs means your progress will be lost, so until a fix is implemented, I suggest you do your typing somewhere else, before submitting it through the browser.