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Apple patent shows future iPhone could use slimmer headphone jack design

Another Apple patent has been spotted which could have ramifications for future iPhones, and it's for a new headphone jack connector.

The patent, spotted by Apple Insider, is for a thinner D-shaped connector, instead of the current circular plug which is 3.5mm in diameter. Essentially chopping the top off the circular plug (so it looks like a ‘D’ in profile) will shave a millimetre off, resulting in a 2.5mm connector.

Why bother with that? A thinner component can of course lead to a thinner phone, and a millimetre certainly counts when it comes to the quest to make future iPhones more svelte.

The new connector would boast all the same functionality as the existing 3.5mm jack.

Of course, this switch would cause obvious problems for Apple gadget fans in terms of their existing headphones not fitting this theoretical future iPhone. Cupertino would likely have to supply an adapter for 3.5mm equipment, but then that’s another thing folks have to fork out for as well as their shiny new, very expensive iPhone.

The other alternative could be to use the Lightning Connector as the jack, as Apple Insider points out, but that would mean users wouldn’t be able to listen to music via their headphones while charging their handset. Not that there are likely to be too many folks who want to do this regularly, but still, you can guarantee it would irritate some.

And there are doubtless plenty of Apple smartphone users out there who would prefer that the company concentrates not on making the devices ever thinner, but rather using any space for a larger capacity battery and more longevity away from the power socket.