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Apple's iOS 9 is causing havoc with iZettle payments

iZettle, the Swedish mobile payments company which allows merchants to accept card payments from Apple devices, has revealed that iOS 9 is causing a serious issue with its system – and retailers are advised not to upgrade their hardware as a result.

In a post spotted by The Register, iZettle noted the issue was to do with Bluetooth. The company wrote: “We have discovered a problem in Apple’s software. The problem causes Bluetooth to be switched off when you try to pair the Card Reader Pro. This means that you can’t pair the card reader with your iPhone or iPad, and consequently can’t use it to take card payments.”

While the Card Reader Pro is affected by this glitch, the Lite reader isn’t, and works just fine with iOS 9.

Even with the Card Reader Pro, if you upgraded to iOS 9 and your card reader was paired before the update, it will remain paired. However, if it is unpaired, you’ll find you can’t pair it again due to the issue.

Apple is currently working on a fix, as iZettle advises: “Apple have acknowledged the problem, and it will be fixed in an update to iOS 9.0. You should not update your iPhone or iPad for now. We’ll let you know when it’s available.”

If you have been affected by this issue, there is a temporary workaround which should help – hop on over to this help page and follow the instructions.

Apple is already boasting that iOS 9 has been the fastest adopted version of its mobile operating system ever, although there have been other glitches reported, including flaky Wi-Fi (and not for the first time, as we’ve seen this problem with the initial releases of previous incarnations of iOS).