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Google adds block, unsubscribe to Gmail

Google has decided to give us a hand in getting rid of annoying spam emails and other promotions we don't want to read by implementing two new features.

The features are called “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe” and both are pretty self-explanatory.

By blocking someone, you’re sending their email straight into the Spam folder, while the “Unsubscribe” feature allows you to stop receiving promotional emails without having to navigate through the whole “we’re-sorry-to-see-you-go-give-us-feedback-why-you’re-leaving-so-soon-please-don’t-go-we-need-you” shenanigans.

In order to block someone, open up an email from them, click the drop-down menu next to the reply arrow, and choose “Block Sender.”

To unsubscribe, go to the promotional email, hit the “More” option (represented by the three vertical dots) in the top right corner, and choose “Unsubscribe.”

“Sometimes you get mail from someone who’s really disruptive. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often—but when it does, you should be able to say, “Never see messages from this person again.” That’s why you can now block specific email addresses in Gmail—starting today on the web, and over the next week on Android. Future mail will go to the spam folder (and you can always unblock in Settings),” it says on the Gmail blog, where the feature was first announced.

This feature is only available on Gmail’s updated Android app, so if you’re a web user or an iOS user, you’ll have to wait a tad bit longer. Google didn’t specify a date when the changes will be made to the iOS app, though.

Previously, users had to create a Gmail filter to sort unwanted emails out of their inbox.