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Instagram reaches 400 million active monthly users

Photo sharing app Instagram has reached another milestone earlier this week, 400 million active monthly users.

It is 100 million growth since the last update a few months ago, where Instagram surpassed Twitter. In the same time, Twitter has managed to add 25 million new users. The photo sharing app is growing at a faster rate than Facebook, but slower than Messenger and WhatsApp.

Over 75 per cent of users are living outside of the United States. More than half of the last 100 million live in Europe and Asia, showing worldwide adoption of the platform. Instagram also said the most users come from America, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia.

It is impressive to see such a large amount of users in Japan and Indonesia, since American based apps usually receive less attention in Asian countries. Indonesia is a weird country however, with most using Path — the rather unloved social network — as one of their main apps.

Instagram talked about how more celebrities are joining the photo app, like Caitlyn Jenner and David Beckham. Inspiring moments are also highlighted in the company’s blogpost. Events like the Pluto image, Champions League final, white pools of Turkey, Namibian ghost town, amongst others, led to 80 million shares per day.

The photo sharing app is far and away the most popular for that single activity, although Facebook offers its own photo sharing service for its 1.4 billion users. Pinterest is also the home for many users uploading photos, though these tend to be less personal.

Facebook’s £660 million acquisition of Instagram in 2012 is starting to look extremely fruitful. The 400 million active users coupled with the new adverts should be making Facebook a good amount of revenue, unlike its other £10 billion acquisition for WhatsApp, currently making next to nothing in revenue.