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Apple pushes out iOS 9 update with major bug fix

Apple has pushed out an update to iOS 9, fixing a number of bugs including a major one which prevented some folks from completing their upgrade to the new operating system.

The big fix from iOS 9.0.1 is designed to prevent users installing the update getting stuck on the ‘slide to upgrade’ screen.

Apple noted that the new version: “Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating.”

There are three other bug fixes in this update. One tackles a glitch whereby alarms and timers would fail, and another deals with an issue in Safari and Photos where when the user paused a video, the frozen image would look distorted.

Finally, some users with a custom APN setup via a profile were losing their cellular connection, and this has been addressed.

There are other bugs iOS 9 users have encountered, but this first patch was rushed out pretty quickly to deal with that very problematic ‘slide to upgrade’ issue. Doubtless we’ll see more fixes soon enough, as is always the case when a new mobile OS is released.

Despite these teething troubles, iOS 9 is off to a flying start and according to Apple’s own stats, it has set a new record for the speed of adoption, with more than half of all iOS devices having upgraded inside three days after the release of the operating system.