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Mail Online has seen a 16% annual growth

Mail Online’s digital advertising grew 16 per cent in the last 11 months ending with August. That is significant because it’s a large slowdown comparing to the same period last year.

Last year, Mail Online saw a 49 per cent digital advertising growth.

Its revenue reached £62 million, a £9 million increase, but it also probably means it won’t hit its £100 million by the end of next year target.

Stephen Daintith, finance director at DMGT, said the company expects Mail Online to “comfortably” pass £70m for its full financial year to the end of September, The Guardian wrote in a report.

The company has previously said that it was aiming to make £80m in revenue this year, although it has said this is not a “hard target”.

“We see the recent revenue slowdown of Mail Online (despite strong audience growth) as more structural than cyclical, with mobile, ad blocking and social media all bringing new challenges to monetisation,” said William Packer, analyst at Exane. “We now expect Mail Online to miss their £100m revenue target.”

Daintith admitted that given the slowdown, hitting £100m next year was now a “big goal”.

“In light of the current performance, it remains an ambitious target but we like to set big goals,” he said. “It is fair to say it is a more challenging target than it was a year ago. It remains a terrific aspiration and an indication of the direction we are pursuing. It will be achieved in the medium term.”